Moodfamily's seventh instalment might just sound as lucky as the number predicts. Harted releases his "Wander EP" and manages to define his sound from the get go. His debut fluently rolls through your neighbourhood with the windows down, turning heads as he passes by, sounding smooth yet bumpy and captivating at the same time. Although the EP sounds ahead of its time, Harted stays - somewhat - true to his history in the harder genres, yet with a firm look forward. MF007 brings 3 original cuts to the table along with 2 remixes courtesy of label friend AMyn and Laut & Luise's Nutia, both delivering a unique take on the originals. AMyn takes his walk off the beaten track, offering a peek at his upcoming album on Moodfamily. At the same time Nutia shows his unique style, dropping a steady groove while at the same time revealing all the subtleties hidden within.