Twisted River


AMYN n TWISTED RIVER EP The first Moodfamily release brings co-founder and Belgian strong man AMyn to the table. The first track is the title track of the EP called Twisted River. Its a musical work that takes you a few years back combining a steady groove with an abstract melody that reaches beyond audible frequencies which will haunt dancefloors everywhere. It grabs and releases tension while it flows like a n you guessed it n twisted river. Canson delivers a melancholic and deeply personal variation on the original twisted melody. While his piano hypnotizes, the main melody is cut, sliced and placed carefully, provoking subtle escapes from the main theme. The bassline brings more focus to this new mood which is created throughout the track by not grabbing the attention but rather fueling a sensitive groove. This brings the song into a completely new atmosphere fueled by a haunting synth which builds gently as the song evolves. The B-side, iGloami might as well be the A-side as it requires somewhat more attention but after listening to it for a few times, it sticks to your mind. The melody is looming and it moves freely over a careless groove. It is a tad slower, but this allows a clear pronunciation of the musical phrases. Its been on repeat for months at the Moodfamily office. Listen carefully.