Dear Unrest

After a 2 year hiatus following his last release on Under Your Skin Records, Harted returns home with ?Dear Unrest?, his first full album and the first album ever to be out on Moodfamily.
The trippy, soft yet rhythmic and danceable elektronica and IDM sound on Harted's third release ?Dear Unrest? reflects a period of actual unrest, demonstrating the sound of his personal growth during that time. It represents an honest quest for the human experience of unity and the existential search for his function in the world, unearthing a battle to harmonize his sound with his sincere emotions.

The tracks were originally created for a live set, actually rushed by a fear to fall short of fresh, new material and of not having anything new to play. ?I didn't want to bring the same live set as usual and this momentum pushed me to create new material. I was craving to play that live set because I love to connect with the public in that way.?

Drawing strength and inspiration from listening to Bonobo, Rival Consoles and admiring live concerts of Nils Frahm, while he envisions the evolution of his live shows beyond a mere music performance alone. 'Dear Unrest' is only a part of the journey of coming into his own. And it's not over yet.

- Vocals by Sofie De Mulder -
Sampled in: In, Room, Dear Unrest & Underwater
Featured in: Heartbeat